Welcome to Oregon
Once upon a time, Oregon had a great governor named Tom McCall. Tom left a lasting legacy, with conservation and environmental efforts that included the nation's first bottle bill, a state land-use program that would slow the inevitable urban sprawl of Oregon cities... and legislating public ownership of the state's beaches. This prohibited rich pricks from closing off access to those not fortunate enough to have been born into wealth.
He was a courageous and innovative individual, willing to sacrifice political fallout in order to do the right thing. His love for Oregon led to the famous 1971 statement to a CBS news reporter, “Come visit us again and again. This is a State of excitement. But for heaven's sake, don't move here to live.” Governor McCall did not want to see Oregon turn into another California. A quarter of a century beyond his death, Tom would indeed be saddened to see what has become of his beloved State.
Cities in Oregon both large and small have been hacking away at the land-use laws, greed-motivated efforts creating disastrous out-of-control growth. When Joe California comes knocking, these weasels are more than happy to sell the state down the river... along, of course, with its quality of life. Traffic woes continue to increase exponentially, air quality is now among the worst in the nation, and crime rates are constantly rising.
Unfortunately, Oregonians elected a pinhead governor in 1979 named Victor Atiyeh (whose claim to fame was inheriting his dad's rug business). Atiyeh thought the signs were less than welcoming, and vowed to destroy them with dynamite. Brilliant. Perhaps this idiocy has something to do with why Oregon hasn't elected a republican to the governor's house since.
One of the most erroneously reported items concerning Oregon is in regard to our once-proud border signs. Some claim they stated, "Welcome to Oregon. Now go home." Wrong. Up until the late 70's Oregon had big, beautiful solid Redwood signs - facing California - that read, "Welcome to Oregon. We hope you will enjoy your visit." Not unlike the sign to the left.
Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Portland, Or.
Gov. Tom McCall
Tom McCall Wildlife Refuge
The Dalles, Or.
Majestic solid Redwood signs once adorned the Oregon border at California.
We now have a cold, impersonal steel sign on our state border. One has to ponder... if all of this is rather symbolic of the gutting Oregon has endured over the past couple of decades. Our precious natural heritage has been sold to the highest bidder, and there is no beauty in that.
The late great Governor Tom McCall invites you to...
Traffic snarls are becoming commonplace in Oregon cities...
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